The party is attacked by some undead-ancestor-worshiping barbarians hiding beneath the sand, together with their Nemissary ancestor. After a brief battle, they salute the party and recognize their worthiness to walk their sands. Gilad and SMtW have been poisoned by the death-aspected venom of the barbarians' spears.

The barbarians continue stalking the party across the Badlands, following them for days to the Death's Tomb Kaer. Steven studies the door for a few hours and deduces that it allows Death to pass. He makes a lock-pick out of a dead scorpion, warding it into its own body. Kenisha pushes the magical locks aside and picks the lock. Lieke and Gilad pry off the big bronze bands holding the door and use them as crowbars to lift the door.

At this point, the barbarians run up shouting that the party must not open the seal and disturb the Revered Ancestors. Gilad convinces them that the RA are necessary for defeating a great danger to the distant tribe from which the party has arrived. Sacrifices to the present greedy ancestor gain his support, and down the party goes.

Immediately inside the hole are Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark style statues, and a bunch of astral spider webs. Disturbing the webs with a living touch seems to trigger a Perfect Death effect flooding the entire cavern. Hm, that's no fun. Obsidian butterflies clear out a bunch of them, and Lieke throws a big chunk of the door down as well.

Steven goes down on a rope, figures out that this is some sort of meniscus of liquid worship, and comes back up. The party crafts an awfully cool Worship Spear from bronze, blood poetry, and a stolen arrowhead. It smashes into the ground, equalizing much of the worship-pressure between inside and outside the Kaer.

The party descends to the floor, dodging the threads, and fights an astral trap spider. Lieke and Steven die in that fight. The rest of the party explores a bit, finds four dead craftsmen who carved and animated the statues, then commit suicide and all their souls end up sucked Down Below into the Kaer. Kenisha's body is mangled, Gilad and T'Karish's are bled out, and Steven and Lieke are intact.

Much conversation and searching of the Giant Bronze Room inside happens. No seals are found. Wonder how the party will get back out? They do meet Rhadamanth, the ancient Questor.

7 XP for the run.

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T'Karish and Lieke both managed grab and reattune their rings as ghosts.