Brian Sniffen
 128 Ellison Park       401-239-2006 (voicemail)
 Waltham, MA, 02452       857-413-7560 (cell)          April, 2016

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## Objective

  My next job search will be guided by good problems and a good set of
  peers to learn from. I expect them to be problems labeled "CSO,"
  "(business unit) CTO" or similar, and to be looking to learn from a
  CEO's senior advisors.

## Recent Employment

Chief Architect & Senior Director,
Information Security,
Akamai Technologies
    Hired to implement "Plan B," a vision of a research-based backstop
    to a traditional network-admin security team.  By 2010, delivered
    results sufficient to replace the traditional team with an applied
    research team. We've hired for a long-term view and (typically) a
    background outside IT security-- emphasizing fields with a strong
    Safety Engineering culture (Chem. Eng., Aero-Astro), or an
    adversarial focus (e.g., veterans). In 2016, that team is
    responsible for:

  - Safety: Set Akamai's incident response, train orst responders, and
    engage directly with crises. We did the work in 2012 and 2013 that
    let Akamai survive 2014 (Heartbleed, Shellshock, etc.) without
  - Cryptography: Centralized crypto and specialized security
    engineering, leading re-investment in cryptographic excellence
    after a period of benign neglect.
  - Debt Reduction: Technical leadership of the "severe vulnerability"
    process, a board-supervised, CEO- managed investment in serious
    technical debts across the company. Twelve of the top twenty
    actionable debts are mitigated or better, since 2013.
  - Product & Platform Architecture: security architecture team
    reviewing new products, including bring- ing that team from CMM1
    work coordination by e-mails and a chat system to CMM3 publication
    of professional reviews that have become the go-to resource for a
    technical overview across the company.
  - Compliance: Healing a broken and burned out team. Company myth
    says we had push-button ISO 17799 assessments in 2006, but this
    had rotted by 2010. After two years of intense training,
    motivation, and re-organization, we have mature processes for
    assessments against PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITRUST, ISO 27002,
    Sarbanes-Oxley, and FedRAMP. SOC2 is underway.

Lead Researcher,
Secure Technology Solutions,
    Designed and implemented a variety of security tools and programs
    for government sponsors, managed teams of up to 10 people on tasks
    of up to 4 full-time equivalents. Coordinated with remote
    contributors and sponsors while anticipating sponsor's future and
    inarticulable needs. Principal technical reference for trusted
    computing technology (TPMs). Publications are at

Security Engineer,
Systems Engineering,
Akamai Technologies
    Security Engineer, founded Information Security
    department. Responsible for integrating good security practice to
    broad product line, architecture, process. Designer of critical
    security infrastructure. Author of corporate Information Security
    Program. Brought Akamai onto ISO 17799 certiocation path. Sales
    support for security-conscious customers.

## Selected Skills & Conversation Topics

       comms   writing, speaking, editing, teaching
  management   walking around, one on ones, listening, remote
    web tech   XML, HTML, CSS, SQL, JS, DNS, HTTP, TLS, SMTP, Persona
       tools   git, p4, Make, autotools, CPSA, Alloy, Emacs, vi
     network   IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP
       langs   Haskell, Python, bash, LaTeX, C, Perl, C++, Objective C,
               Scheme, Java, PHP
       topics  board games, amateur radio, modernist cooking,
               cognition, conAEict, planetary scale computing

## Education

Bachelor of Science,
Computer Science and Engineering,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000
    Plus continuing coursework on modern cryptography, mostly from
    Silvio Micali.  A thesis on Trust Economies in the Free Haven
    Project is available at