Permits for a Paranoid World

(aka "Yes officer, I'm allowed to carry that Predator II.")

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    Weapon & Security Permits

    This is the basic weapon permit which is for owning weapons which are to remain at home or business. This is not for Carrying or Concealment of the weapon. Rather a permit which just allows you to own the weapon as protection for your home or business.
  • Weapons Covered: All non-burst pistol up to Heavy Pistol. Shotguns (Non-Burst).
  • Cost: 1,000 ¥ per Year

    This is a basic hunting liscense for, well, hunting. Hunting in the forest like. Rabbits, Deer, etc. This permit is kind of expensive due to the fact that there are a lot of endangered creatures out there. This permit allows you to use the weapons for Hunting. This is also not a Carry or Conceal permit.

  • Weapons Covered: Non-burst pistols to heavy pistols. Shotguns (Non-Burst). Sporting Rifles.
  • Cost: 5,000 ¥ per Year

    This is the basic Carry/Conceal permit. Mostly seen for corps, yuppies, etc. This permit allows you to use the weapons for self-defense only.

  • Weapons Covered: All non-burst Light Pistols.
  • Cost: 5,000 ¥ per Year

    This Permit is mainly for Private Investigators, Rent-a-cops (Security guards who aren't in a major security company). This permit also allows for some very light cyberware. This is a carry/conceal permit. Unjustified use of weapons will still get the permit owner charged by Lone Star.

  • Weapons Covered: Pistols up to Heavy Pistol (Non-Burst), Shotguns.
  • Cyberware Covered: Smartlinks, low-level reflex enhancement, and other security related cybernetics and bioware.
  • Cost: 7,500 ¥ per Year

    Permit allows as Advanced Permit, as well as allows the individual or firm the right to use non-lethal and lethal measures in the defense and maintainance of security for an installation, facility, building, etc. This will allow the firm/individual the rights to shoot to wound, or in necessity to kill if the situation warrents. This permit is Carry/Conceal Permit. Weapons may ONLY be carried/Used on work premises.

  • Weapons Covered: All Pistols, SMGs, Shotguns (including Automatic), Narcojects, Squirts.
  • Cost: 10,000 ¥ per Year

  • Note: Only members of a security company can get this permit.

    This permit allows as per Light Security Permit. This permit allows for the use and possesion of weapons on the site protected, or in DIRECT pursuit of a target, until or unless local law enforcement intervenes.

  • Weapons Covered: Same as Light
  • Cost: 15,000 ¥ per Year

  • Note: Only members of a security company can get this permit.

    This permit allows an individual/firm to carry/conceal weapons listed into many environments. These weapons may be taken away as per the environment's rules. The weapons may not be used at will, or even displayed unless sufficient cause warrents. This permit also allows for the possession and use of cybernetics/bioware as neccessary for the bodyguarding job.

  • Weapons Covered: Pistols (All), SMGs, Shotguns (All), Narcojets, Squirt.
  • Cost: 50,000 ¥ per Year.

    This permit allows for the use of the weapons listed in order to apprehend a target as assigned by local law enforcement corporations. This permit will also cover any legal problems which deal in removing the target from society. The weapons may only be used in conjunction in getting the target. Any other use of weapons is not permited. This is a carry/conceal permit.

  • Weapons Covered: Pistols (All), Narcojets.
  • Cost: 50,000 ¥ (one time fee)

    This permit is used for the hunting of paranormal animals. The weapons listed may only be used in conjunction with the capture of these animals. Other use of these weapons will cause the person to be charged by local law enforcement. This is a carry/conceal, only when on a parahunt, whenever that may be.

  • Weapons Covered: Pistols (All), SMGs, Shotguns (All), Hunting Rifles, Narcojets
  • Cyberware Covered: Light cybernetic/bioware
  • Cost: 75,000 ¥ (one time fee)


    Magical Permits

    This permit allows the mage to use non-damaging magic which doesn't affect anyone else. The exception are personal spells with intent to harm others, such as a spell which converts one's hands to razors or increased attribute spells.
  • Cost: Free

    This permit is required whenever a mage wishes to affect a willing subject (note that affecting a non-willing target is strictly illegal.) If a mage wishes to summon any spiritual entity, he or she needs this permit.

  • Cost: 25,000 ¥ (one time fee)

    In order to heal a willing subject, a mage must be a registered practitioner of the Healing Arts. (Think of this as malpractice insurance for the magically active.) On the plus side, a registered Healer is allowed to work in hospitals to heal others.

  • Cost: 10,000 ¥ per Year

    In order to offer one's services as a security guard, a mage must have a security permit. While this does not legalize murder via magic, it does legalize the use of lethal magic to protect the property (including the mage him or herself) of the employing company. Corps usually foot the expensive permit cost as well as the insurance, which traditionally runs in the sixtuple digits.

  • Cost: 25,000 ¥ per Year (+ 100,000-200,000 ¥ per Year for insurance)


  • Physical adepts and astral adepts require free permits unless they take up security jobs, in which the basic and security permits are required.
  • Permanent magical items (foci and spell locks, specifically) have a flat yearly permit fee of 100¥ for spell locks, 500¥ for all other foci. (This is per item: if one carries two spell locks legally, both must be registered, for 100¥ each.) Fetishes, conjuration materials, lodges, and libraries are not subject to these permit fees.



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